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Can I have Suga scenario? Like when he's being very affectionate and you're like ignoring him? hehe

thank you for requesting anon ~ ~ <3 heheh you can read your request here ~

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[Suga] When He’s Affectionate But You’re Ignoring Him

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Hello~ ummm okay wow idk what to say ummm well this is my First Follow Forever, I never thought I would make one of this but yeah, here I am lol This is for both my Main Blog, LuhansLullaby (Chilenagirl before) and my BTS side-blog, princesseok :) 

It’s been almost a year since I made my Main Blog and my BTS blog has been up for just a couple of months and has reached an amount of followers that I thought I would Never have ;;u;; so I decided it was time to make one of this to thank my wonderful followers and the amazing people I follow~

PS. Sorry for my crappy grammar, edit, and if I missed someone on the list I AM SO SORRY! OTL

Bold = Mutual ;;

Italic - Teach me your ways Senpai! ;o;

♥ = Hover~ You Have a Message~ ^ 3^


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You all have such wonderful blogs! I love every single one of them *u* thank you for making my bash such a wonderful place (≧◡≦) and Thank you to my followers that put up with me everyday :’D

bye bye~!

daww thank you for adding me into your follow forever sweetie ! <3 omff-

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Bangtan, BAP and Topp Dogg - 140318 Show Champion opening stage

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J-hope Ver.

Suga Ver. | Jungkook Ver. | Jimin Ver.

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ayyyyyy it’s my 2nd follow forever! I pondered on whether to make one or not and decided I might as well before college starts (: soooo without further ado, leggo~




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wahhhhhh thank you bb~ omfff- <3

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Search this [ 방탄소년단 ]or [ 아메리칸 허슬라이프 ] many times on

cr: bangtanizer

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Mnet Signed CD Giveaway



In order to enter the free signed cd “giveaway”, all you have to do is screenshot the Naver search results if ‘방탄소년단’ or ‘아메리칸 허슬라이프’ is on there and tag @MnetKR along with the hashtag #아메리칸허슬라이프 on Twitter! Remember, 방탄소년단 or 아메리칸 허슬라이프 should be within the top 10!

Good Luck!! 화이팅 ^^

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joining in on the #ARMYselcaday since it’s my blog’s 1yr today ~

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