love hurts, it causes anger, jealousy, obsession, why don't you love me back ?
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100% BTS's smexy-ness

My dark and wild album is on its way to me ; A ; I’m not ready .


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you're fanmade video was amaazingg!^^ pls do morree!

uwah thank you anon ~ heheh i actually have one in progress hopefully i can get it done by the end of this month :)

" i only fear never trying "

another video edit almost completed and will be uploaded soon :D

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Smooth Suga, very smooth.

it was nice knowing you

Hello everyone!! 
So, this is my 3rd follow forever and I’m sorry for my boring edit T_T
I’ve reached my next thousand and I’m really proud of that, because now I have the same amount of followers I had back in March. But because of some troubles I’ve decided to delete my blog back then!! And here a big shoutout to Sera who saved my URL because she knows me very well and she knew I would come back after things got better in life! I love you! 

Actually, this blog is over 2 years old. (with my old Vhyung acc.)
But I’ve decided to be a Bangtan blog last year when they made their debut. That was when I started to gif and edit only Bangtan things! At this time the fandom didn’t have so many giffers and editors but with every comeback the fandom grew bigger and also the amount of BTS blogs on Tumblr grew.
In this whole year (and 2 months) I made new friends and beautiful memories on Tumblr. 
My most wonderful memory was made on the 27th of July: The day I saw and touched BTS (and the day I confessed to V OMFG can’t forget his reaction)

To all my followers: Thank you for following me! I really appreciate every single follower! If you guys like my blog you should also following the persons on my following list! They have all beautiful blogs! 
p.s. just going to post here people that post only bangtan or people who are bangtan biased + other groups

* = senpais 
italicized = faves
bold = cuteniceadoarble people i had cute convos with and/or really like 

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and here a big shoutout to helloluuu, exottraction and nni-el!!! love you!!

I follow much more blogs (got7, block b etc) and I think I forgot some BTS Blogs T_T I’m sorry If I did!
I love every blog I follow and I just want to say THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME AND MAKING MY DASH PRETTY!! 

uwahh, ; A ; omff you’re one of my favorite blogs ~

thank you for adding me to your follow forever <3

first thing’s first: jony bro-hug

straight to the point

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